The Community Brothers United in Christ


(The Community Brothers United in Christ)

Started with the purpose to evangelize and help those most in need. It was founded by Mr. Felix Rodriguez on September 17, 2007. From this Comunity we have gotten many different groups, these groups are:

  1. ASAMBLEA ROMPIENDO CADENAS(CHARISMATIC PRAYER GROUP BREAKING CHAINS): Begins in the house of Brothers Fello and Reina where a small group of people gathered to pray the Holy Rosary. The Charismatic prayer Group started at the end of the year 2005. Later the Group moved to Holy Trinity Church (Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church), since the crowd exceeded the capacity of the place. From then until now we keep meeting every Monday from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm. As of today, we gather together in the Church of “ All Saints”, to praise and glorify a Risen God. Is here in where “The Comunity Brothers United in Christ”, was iniciated.


  1. GRUPO DE ORACION HERMANOS UNIDOS EN CRISTO(Prayer Group United Brothers in Christ): Is a prayer Group of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal, founded by the Brothers United in Christ community. They meet every Wednesday at the church All Saints, to praise and glorify God’s Name.


  1. GRUPO DE ORACION JOVENES UNIDOS CON JESUS Y MARIA(Youth Prayer Group United with Jesus and Mary):  Is a group of young people between the ages of 12 to 25 years old, they meet every Friday at the Church of All Saints, to praise and glorify the Lord. Here, young people identified each other and participate in different activities, topics, dynamics and preaching. They also work together in group through plays, dances, and pantomimes.
  1. COMITE ALTAGRACIANO(Committee of Our Lady of Altagracia): Together with the parishioners of All Saints Church, we celebrate the day of Our Blessed Virgin Mary in the Advocation of our Lady of Altagracia.


  1. APOSTOLADOS(Apostolates): Visit homes, is one of the ministries that gives us more satisfaction in the community. It is in homes where we feel most frequently the need of the man of God. There are so many homes destroyed by drugs, alcohol, domestic violence, etc.. Our mission is to bring hope to so many souls who have lost all hope.


  1.  CADENA DE ORACION(Chain of Prayer): Started with the events of Breaking Chains with the purpose of intercede for each of the people participating in these events. However it has remained in force and every day more and more people join this prayer group and we always see the glory of God. So far, there are over 200 people who are in constant prayer for all the intentions we have.


  1. 2000 AVE MARIAS(2000 Hail Marys): Since 2011, we have been visiting Homes every second Saturday of each month, bringing them the 2000 Hail Marys and at the same time, bringing the peace of our Lord Jesus Christ. Mary is the Queen of Evangelization and we come to her to submit ourselves to the will of the Father and become true disciples of the Risen Jesus. Through her intercession, we will come «to complete in our flesh what is lacking in the passion of Jesus.»


  1. ADORACION AL SANTISIMO(Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament): Every Saturday from 9 :00AM through 9:00AM on Sunday, we get together before The Holy Eucharist, praising and worshiping The Lord Jesus. This is the time we take to be in the company of our Master Jesus and give thanks for all His Love and Mercy.


  1. CENACULO(Cenacle): In addition to the apostolates, we have also worked hard visiting household. María Gutiérrez together with the HUEC community has had the opportunity to open 15 Cenacles in different houses of people that have come to the Cenacles, to one of our events, or to the Cenacle Mary model of Faith, since they have gotten many blessings for favors received through the intercession of our Blessed Mother. Those people have asked Maria Gutierrez to open a Cenacle in their homes and Maria seing the commitment that we as a community have with Jesus and our Lady Mary, has motivated us to open others Cenales, where great wonders have happened. Some of them have already become Prayer groups. There are 15 different days in each month where a Cenacle take place, in which many testimonies from broken homes, have returned back together and where great healings have happened.

If you also want to bring blessing to your home, our community is available to go to your house and open a Cenacle. If you also want your family to receive the same blessings that we have gottten through the intercession of the Blessed Virgin Mary, we urge you to put Jesus as the center of your home and the Blessed Virgin as intercessor through the recitation of the Holy Rosary, you will see the Glory of God.

Remember What haappened at the wedding feast of Cana? Mary interceded in that wedding, although many people do not want to hear from her, where Jesus is, also the Mother is. How to love the Child and not the mother, before there was the Son, She was already chosen. So, do not get confused, she was chosen by God because she was Pure and Holy.

We are also ready to go to your house and open a Cenacle, although you have being separated from our Lady Mary, mother of Jesus and our mother, because you did not know about her, or did not understand her, with the power of her intercession you will be healthy, we still have not seen a home with devotion to mother Mary, and not living in prosperity, and whose children not a good example to others. where Mary is everything is joyfull, only families that are united to Jesus and the Blessed mother, live with happiness and prosperity, if they proclaim Jesus as their kings and Mary as their Queen of their home, so it will be.   PRAISED BE JESUS AND MARY.


  1. FUNDACION HERMANOS UNIDOS EN CRISTO(Brothers United in Christ Foundation): It is a non-governmental, non profit Institution, that works with the needy, especially in the Dominican Republic. The HUEC Foundation has worked hard in the various missions that are located in the Dominican Republic and, New York, where we have been giving abundant fruit for the glory of God. We started with two operations of glaucoma and one of hernia in San Jose de las Matas, we also donated a lot of food and medicines, rebuild more than 20 houses and recently we have built two new houses. We donated to hospitals in the Dominican Republic, more than 500 wheelchairs, and more than 2,000 crutches, canes and walkers, as well as more than 200,000 units of pampers. We paid College in Santiago, and finally more than 2,000 families have benefited from food in Neiva, San Jose de las Matas and Santiago.


  1. COMUNIDAD TERAPEUTICA HERMANOS UNIDOS EN CRISTO(Therapeutic Community Brothers United in Christ): Is the first internship program in the Dominican Republic working with the Catholic faith. This program began on February 2, 2011, with 6 young people which 3 of them are native of San Jose de las Matas and 3 from Santiago. It began to be implemented as an outpatient service, but seeing the need for people with such problems, we decided to have a home where they remained for two years giving internal psychotherapies, spiritual formation among other trades. Today we have a place with a capacity of 50 people, although at the moment we have only 15 interns.

Every Tuesday, in New York City, Brooklyn, we are working on an outpatient service, at the All Saints Church, located at 115 Throop Ave. and Wednesday in Manhattan in the Church of the Annunciation, located at 88 Convent Avenue.

Also in 2013, we started with new Services, Family Counseling, Therapy group, Social Services and immigration, Individual Counseling and Employment Assistance for the entire Hispanic Community residing in New York City.


  1. REVISTA DESPERTANDO CON JESUS(Waking up with Jesus): This magazine was made in order to evangelize our members and associates in the United States and the Dominican Republic, with the funds raised from the sale of this magazine, we support the maintenance of our Therapeutic Community. It is made with daily reading, psalm, Gospel, lives of saints, reflections, prayer and catechetical formation and finally, the testimonies of what God has done among our Brothers and Sisters. There are many witnesses of God’s love.


  1. EMISORA JESUS Y MARIA FM(Jesus and Mary FM Station): On December 8, 2013, day of the Immaculate Conception, I was going with my wife to take our son to work when I felt a great desire within my heart to start a Radio Station. Someone had giving me a phone number that I had saved, and on that day, Sunday the 8th, I dialed that number believing that this day, I was going to communicate myself with Mr. Marco Valenzuela, the phone rang several times, he did not answer, and I left him a message; «Mr Marcos, please contact Félix Rodríguez», 5 minutes later I got a call-back and it was Mr. Marcos, asking me what Did I want from him, I explained, that I was trying to reach him, because I wanted to open a Radio Station and I also gave him, what was going to be the name of the Radio: “JESUS Y MARIA FM” this caused him laughter, then he said to me, it is impossible to get that domain and I asked him to please look on the internet which he did, and for his surprise the domain had two hours that was canceled, Mr. Valenzuela could not believe what he was seeing, and in gratitud I prayed for him, I could see doors were opening for him and I told him, that He was going to get what he was asking for, He said that He had been asking for something, that was very imposible to get, because there were ten(10) people ahead of him looking for the same position, I told Him, is the Lord Jesus who is going to give you that position.

The next day at 9:00AM I got a call from Mr. Marcos crying, saying that they gave him the position. Mr. Marcos Valenzuela, who was an atheist, gave his life to Jesus Christ and he is now serving the Lord in the church of “Our Lady of Lourdes” in California.   God is alive and full of Power.


Community Brothers United in Christ

Our Daily Activities are as follow:

Monday: Prayer Group «Cenáculo Maria Modelo de Fe” (Cenacle Mary Model of Faith)

Location: 115 Throop Avenue, Church of All Saints

Tuesday: Apostolates in Homes

Wednesday: Prayer Group «Assembly Brothers United in Christ»

Thursday: Extraordinary meetings

Friday: Youth group «Youth United with Jesus and Mary»

Location: 115 Throop Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11206

The second Saturday of each month we have the 2000 Hail Marys

Last Saturday of each month: General Meeting of Comunity Brother United in Christ

Last Sunday of each month: Celebration of «Assembly witnesses of His Love»

We have our daily prayer chain: Come and join us one hour a day

We have opened 15 Cenacles: If you want us to start one in your home you just have to call us

Every first Tuesday of every month we bring food to the shelter that is in the Transfiguration church.

Our Yearly Events are as follow:

In January, We join the Altagracia Committee to celebrate the day of Lady of Altagracia

In February, The great extraordinary Valentine raffles a Jeep of the Year

The third week of May,  “Mother gift of love » Mamá Regalo de Amor

The third week of September,  Our Anniversary retreat  «HUEC Breaking Chains»

In December, Spiritual Dinner «United Family in Christmas»


In Santiago: We have the Therapeutic Comunity Brothers United in Christ, which is the first program for drug addicts and alcoholic that work with the Catholic faith.

Also in Santiago, Neiva and San Jose de las Matas we help needy families by providing food etc. If you want to help us, please call us at (718)-285-9698 in the United States, New York and in Santiago, Dominican Republic please call us at 809-575-4839.

Every year we have 3 internal Retreats, called Breaking Chains, and 3 open Retreats.